Nepal Inked'14
Nepal Inked

dates: 17-19 OKT 14
place: Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Inked is a deeper look into tattoo arts & lifestyle culture in Nepal. Nepal, especially Kathmandu known to be very rich in art and culture, already boasts of one tattoo convention in April. But considering the demand and popularity of ink & relative lifestyle, the ever changing style, and the growing passion for the likewise, one more convention – catered to the larger public and a bigger mass is very necessary. Nepal Ink, A lifestyle and art festival is scheduled for October 2013, targeting up to 120 participants from Nepal and rest of the world.
This event will including not only tattoos but also art shows, gigs, concerts, car shows, bike shows etc.
Tattoo artists-national and international, fine arts lovers, art enthusiasts, suppliers and fans from around the world will gather in Nepal to participate. This will be the first and with the biggest dimension, event that has ever been held in the South East Asian region.

Nepal InkedNepal InkedNepal InkedNepal Inked

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